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After Mind Bender

October 1998 the Mind bender appeared on the stage of the club Apica in Asagaya Tokyo. And that turned out to be their last gig. Since then they have never played together. Soon after the last live, each member started new actions. N and Y started a new band, whose name is "Drive", with new bassist KC. Drive had lasted for a year, but they broke up at the end of the December 1999. Meanwhile G and K had also started their new project. Summer 1999 they showed up as an accoustic Duo that is "Detan" calle d. Now they come out on the stage of the Apia in Shibuya Tokyo and play every 2 months.
N who had not played in a band after the break up of the Drive start playing again in his own band "Hydroplaning" in 2010.



Mind Bender 以降

1998年、阿佐ヶ谷クラブアピカでのステージを最後にマインド・ベンダーは活動を停止した。その後、メンバーはそれぞれに活動を開始。N とY は新加入のベーシスト KC とともに新バンド DRIVE をスタートさせた。DRIVE は一年の活動ののち1999年末に解散。いっぽう G と K は1999年、夏、アコースティックデュオ「でたん」として登場。現在も2ヶ月一度のペースで渋谷アピアのステージに立っている。





Discography of でたん
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released: 2001
released: 2002

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